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The Juvenile Law Section of the State Bar of Texas was created in 1987 to promote advocacy for the children of Texas by coordinating efforts to ensure competent and knowledgeable legal counsel within the juvenile justice system. The Juvenile Law Section strives to promote and improve the administration of justice in the field of juvenile law, by study, conferences, publication of reports and articles with respect to both legislation and administration and to that end to take such action as may be appropriate. 


With its inception in 1987, the Juvenile Law Section has dramatically increased. With the continual need for skilled attorneys in Juvenile Law, the Section has now reached over 765 members and is expected to expand with the new specialization. The most significant accomplishment of the Section is the recognition of Legal Specialization in Juvenile Law. For several years, juvenile justice practitioners across the State made diligent efforts for the certification and in February 2001, the Supreme Court voted to approve the specialty. 


The Juvenile Law Section is involved in a number of different projects relevant to better communities across the state. Aside from the Annual Juvenile Law Conference, the Section has been actively trying to refurbish a forms manual; develop an educational scholarship fund; and devise a community-based educational forum for assisting minority children across the state to ensure they receive adequate legal representation and services.  Below is a list of projects currently being sponsored by the Juvenile Law Section.  If you are interested in becoming a public committee member, please contact the committee chair.

Scholarship Project - Kaci Sohrt, Chair
Forms Project - Jill Mata, Chair
Nuts and Bolts of Juvenile Law Course Committee - Chris Hubner, Chair
Annual Conference Committee - Chris Hubner, Chair


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